Quick Start Guide (DHC1)

Before using your thermometer for the first time, remove the battery insulating tab which is placed
between the battery and the battery terminal in the battery compartment to prevent battery drain
during shipping. Also be sure to remove the protective display film from the display.

1. Press the POWER button to turn the thermometer on.

2. The unit of measure is preset at °F. This can be changed to °C by pressing and holding the MODE
button for 2-3 seconds. The thermometer will beep indicating that the unit of measure has been

3. Press the MODE button to select the desired candy stage or deep fry temperature. The display will
FRY2. Each candy or deep fry stage changes the set temperature located in the bottom portion of the
display. The current temperature appears in the center of the display in larger numbers.
Note: The preset temperatures are temperatures for sea level and should be adjusted based on your elevation. A
simple rule of thumb is to reduce the target temperature by 2°F for every 1,000 ft of elevation above sea level.

4. The preset temperature of any stage can be adjusted up or down by simply pressing the “-“ or “+”
buttons. Each press will change the preset temperature by one degree. You can also press and hold the
“-“ or “+” buttons to scroll for larger temperature adjustments.
Note: When the temperature is adjusted up or down the preset stage name will disappear from the top of the
display and the word “SET” will appear to the left of the adjusted temperature as the thermometer has entered
manual mode.

5. Once the desired target temperature is set and the cooking process begins, the thermometer will
make three different audible alerts. The thermometer will make a 2-beep alert and the red LED will
begin flashing when the current temperature reaches 5°F/3°C before the target temperature. When the
target temperature is reached, the thermometer will make a 1-beep alert and the red LED will begin
flashing. When the current temperature reaches 3°F/2°C above the target temperature, the
thermometer will make a fast 2-beep alert and the red LED will begin flashing.
Note: Press any button to stop the alerts.

6. After the measurement has been taken you can turn the unit off by pressing and holding the POWER
button. If you forget to turn the unit off, the auto-off feature will automatically turn the thermometer
off after 60 minutes.

Note: The auto-off feature can be disabled by pressing and holding the “-“ and “+” buttons simultaneously for 2-3 seconds. The unit will beep and an “x” inside a circle will appear to the left of the target temperature indicating that the auto-off function has been disabled. To enable the auto-off function press and hold the “-“ and “+” buttons again.

CAUTION: The stainless-steel probe can get very hot. Always wear heat resistant gloves when handling.

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