Troubleshoot & FAQ (DHC1)

[ The thermometer will not power on ]
Please try changing the old battery for a new one. To change the battery of your thermometer, use a coin to turn the battery door counterclockwise to align the triangle on the battery door with the raised dot on the side of the thermometer housing. Remove the old battery and insert the new one with the positive symbol facing up. Place the battery door over the battery compartment aligning the triangle with the raised dot on the side of the thermometer. Press down and turn the battery door clockwise until the triangle is aligned with the dot directly below the battery compartment.

[ Warning messages and indicators ]
• LLL – the object being measured is below the temperature range of the thermometer.
• HHH – the object being measured is above temperature the range of the thermometer.
• LO – indicates that the batteries are low and need to be changed.

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