Troubleshooting & FAQ (EM3, EM6, EM10)

Why does my coffee taste bitter?
There are common causes for this:
1. Overbrewing -- The coffee has been heated for too long, which causes a bitter taste. Try boiling your water in a kettle first to reduce brewing time, reducing the temperature of your burner, and running the
coffee maker under a cold tap as soon as you take it off the burner, to quickly stop the
brewing process and prevent overbrewing.

2. Coffee is not fresh -- If you are buying pre-grinded coffee, be aware that it does not stay fresh for long. Consider buying a coffee grinder and grinding your beans fresh, as coffee beans can be kept fresh for much longer, and will always taste better when freshly ground.

Why do I get a metallic taste in my coffee?
Some main causes are:
1. The moka pot is still new -- This is a common issue when purchasing a new espresso maker, but it should subside after you have made a few 'test brews'.

2. Overbrewing -- As well as causing bitterness, overbrewing your coffee can also bring out some of the metallic taste commonly associated with a stovetop coffee maker.

The coffee pot is too small. Why does it not produce full cups of coffee?
One coffee 'cup' is equal to 50 ml of an espresso shot. If you want to make a full cup of coffee, add hot water to a single (50 ml) or double (100 ml) 'cup' of espresso from the pot. You can also add steamed milk to make a cappuccino or latte.

Why is there leftover water in the bottom chamber?
It is normal to have some water left over in the bottom chamber after brewing. The steam pressure pushes water up the funnel, in the gap between the funnel and the base of the chamber. The leftover water also protects your pot from being heated into a dry state, which could become a safety concern if left unattended.

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