Product Care (EM3, EM6, EM10)

Avoid using soap or a dishwasher to clean — This will impart a soapy flavor to your next coffee. Instead, wash thoroughly with warm water after each use. The product is dishwasher safe, but not recommended for the reason above.

Do not reassemble when wet — Leave all of the separate pieces to dry fully after washing. This prevents the metal from oxidizing, stops the pot from smelling, and prevents mold.

Remove the filter and gasket once a week for a deep clean — This will stop the build-up of old coffee from ruining the taste of your freshly brewed pot.

Replace the Filter and gasket about once a year — If these components start to show wear, they should be replaced. This should not happen very frequently. You can purchase a replacement filter and gasket set from

Remove the pot from the heat source immediately after your brew is completed — Leaving the pot on the heat source may cause oxidation/discoloration. 

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