Troubleshooting & FAQ (USHM180S)

How do you set the information on the scale?
There are three physical buttons on the "top end" of the display to set your profile (scale does not feature touch sensitive controls).


My scale is not longer weighing.
Ensure the batteries are properly seated in the correct direction inside the compartment. If the scale is still nonfunctional, attempt to replace with a new set of batteries (4-AAA batteries). If the issue persists, please contact us at 800-467-6408.


How do I change my scale from Kilograms to Pounds.
Located on the bottom of your scale is a kg/st/lb button in between the two battery compartments. Press while viewing your display to select your preferred unit of measurement.


User profile auto detection
The scale will automatically select your user profile to calculate your body composition by comparing your current body weight measurement to previous body weight measurements from each user profile. If your current body weight changes by more than 7 pounds from your previous measurement, or if your body weight is within 7 pounds of another user profile, then you will need to manually select your user profile and confirm your user profile data before the scale will calculate your current body composition.

Unfortunately, users are not able to delete/reset profiles manually. If users are attempting to get rid of a profile that is confusing the original profile, users will have to manually select the offending profile, and use the scale on a carpeted surface (which will weigh you less than your original weight). This method will register the "lighter weight" into the offending profile's memory bank so that it is no longer interfering with your original profile.



Valid for USHM180S Ultra Slim Health Monitor.  Model #: USHM180S

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