Troubleshooting & FAQ

The arrows will not allow me to set my information into the scale.

  • There are three buttons on the "top end" of the scale.  The arrows, and "set" are there to guide you. If you continue to have this issue with the scale, please contact Escali about our Lifetime Ltd Warranty.



My scale is not longer weighing.

  • Make sure the batteries are properly placed in the compartment to make contact with the connection pads. 
  • Try to replace with a fresh pair of batteries. This scale uses (2) CR2032 lithium batteries.


If you continue to have issues, please contact Escali about our Lifetime Ltd Warranty



How do I change my scale from Kilograms to Pounds.

  • On the bottom of the scale, there is a kg/st/lb button toward the top left feet.  Press for desired unit measurement.




Valid for USHM180G Ultra Slim Health Monitor. Model #: USHM180G

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