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My scale will not calculate my body fat and body water
This issue will occur when the foot sensors cannot make contact with your skin, which results in inaccurate readings, or no detection. Be sure to use the scale barefoot; the foot sensors will need to make skin contact to calculate information more accurately. Dry skin may also be a factor.

Change the scale from KG to LB
Located underneath of your scale, there is a small switch next to the battery compartment to change the units of measurement.

When I press on the arrow on the glass surface to input my information, nothing happens
Make sure you are using the three silver buttons on the "top side" of the scale; not the arrows on the glass surface.

What is the battery type?
The unit uses a pair of CR2032 batteries.

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    My scale started doing strange things like giving a reading and slowly lowering the reading until it was impossible for me to be the weight it read.  I changed the batteries, now the scale just stays on 0.00 when I stand on it.  Is there a way to reset it or how do I go about getting a replacement through the lifetime warranty?

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    russell brice

    We've had the Model BFBW200 body scale for a year or so, and it just stopped working the other day, so I changed to new batteries.  No Luck.

    When I (we) step on the scale (in the middle) briefly to bring up a PROFILE, nothing happens.

    We have to push the MIDDLE BUTTON on the top of the scale 3 times, just to "turn it on", so it can be used.

    Obviously it is malfunctioning, and it would be helpful if the company "Escali" actually provided a TROUBLESHOOTING question/answer area, so customers such as myself could get some assistance.  

    Does anyone have any idea why this scale is no longer working properly?


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