Troubleshooting & FAQ (BT20)

Scale will not lock into a weight reading
Ensure the scale is on a hard, flat, and stable surface. Weight will not register until the unit is stabilized.


Using the toddler configuration
If you flip the scale upside down, you will be able to locate two handles on the cradle. Pull the handles outward; this will release the scale from the cradle.


How to use the memory feature
This feature will keep the last recorded weight in memory so you can recall it next time you use the scale.
1. After the scale captures the weight, press the MEM button.
2. Next time after turning on the scale, press the MODE button to select your measuring unit, followed by the MEM button to display the last recorded weight.
3. Press the MEM button again to return to the normal weighing mode.



Valid for BT20 Baby / Toddler Scale.  Model #: BT20

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