Troubleshooting & FAQ - Primo (P115)

"Out2" error appearing on the display
The error message may indicate two different meanings:
1. Re-calibration required.
2. Damaged/malfunctioned load cell.

If the error code remains stuck on the display after a power reset (by removing batteries for 60 seconds), please contact us at for further assistance. 



"EEEE" error appearing on the display
The error message indicates the scale is overloaded. Immediately remove overweight items to avoid damage. Do not exceed more than 5000 grams or 11.02 pounds.



The scale is not powering on
Replace the old batteries with a new pair of "AA". Also, ensure the batteries are inserted into the correct position. While the batteries are installed, double-check the battery springs to ensure they are not slipping out of place from the negative end of the batteries, which may cause the power to cut out.



Valid for Pop Collapsible Bowl Scale, Model #: P115C, P115CH, P115M, P115NB, P115PO, P115SP, P115TG, P115W, P115WR

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