Quick Start Guide - Mercado (DS)

Mercado Stainless Steel Dial Scales

Note: A phillips screwdriver is recommended!

  1. Remove the cardboard strip from underneath the load cell
  2. Unscrew, and remove the hardware from the left, and right ends of the load cell using a phillips screwdriver.
  3. Remove the cardboard from the bowl, and remove bubble wrap from the bowl bracket.
  4. Place the bowl bracket onto the load cell of the scale, and fasten the holes with the screws where the groves are on the bracket.
  5. Place the bowl onto the bracket and ensure it sits flush.
  6. Use the tare knob to adjust the dial needle to zero.











Valid for Mercado Stainless Steel Dial Scales. Model #: DS132P (plate), DS115P (plate), DS115B (bowl), DS63P (plate), DS63B (bowl), DS21P (plate), DS21B (bowl)

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