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When I turn on my scale, Out2 is displayed.

This error message usually means that your scale needs to be re-calibrated. If you plan on calibrating yourself, you are required to have a 11 lb / 5 kg weight to successfully complete this procedure. You can download the procedure below.



My scale does not turn on.

Be sure to check if your scale needs a new pair of batteries. If your scale does not work after replacing batteries, you will have to send it back under warranty. This scale is eligible for a 1 year warranty coverage from date of purchase.



My scale is fluctuating by itself. 

Always be sure that your scale is on a sturdy and level surface upon weighing. Also try to keep about 3 feet away from any other electronics. If the problem continues, this is the case of a bad load cell. Your scale is eligible for a limited 1 year warranty.










Valid for Primo NSF Listed Digital Scales. Model #: P115MPL (metallic), P115CHPL (black), P115NBPL (Royal Blue), P115POPL (pumpkin orange), P115SPPL (soft pink), P115TGPL (tarragon green), P115WPL (white), P115CPL (chrome)

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