Troubleshooting & FAQ

There is a burning smell coming from my scale.

This typically means you have a bad rechargeable battery. We recommend you to unplug your scale immediately if plugged into an outlet. The battery can be replaced if your scale is still under the 1 year warranty.



My LED light is now red.

This means the rechargeable battery is low on power and needs to be recharged with the power cord that was included with your scale. If the red light does not go away and your scale does not power on; this could possibly be a defective rechargeable battery.



The scale does not power on.

Make sure your battery has some charge. If not, plug the scale into an outlet to recharge. Your scale is still usable during this process.

If the scale is not working after these methods, you may have a defective battery. A replacement battery can be replaced under the 1 year warranty. 



C-Series Calibration Procedures








Valid for C-Series Counting Scales.  Model #: C6630, C3315, C136

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