Troubleshooting & FAQ - Alimento NSF (136KP)

My back light is no longer working.

First try replacing your battery or plug in a 9 volt adapter to ensure the scale is providing enough charge for the back light to function properly. If your back light is still not functioning, there may be faulty wiring inside your scale, and you will have to send it in for inspection or replacement. This scale is eligible for a 1 year warranty coverage from date of purchase.



There is an Out2 error when I power on my scale.

This typically means your scale needs calibration. We can calibrate the scale for you by using certified calibration weights to ensure accuracy. If a calibration procedure has no affect, there may be a faulty load cell. Your scale may be replaced under the 1 year warranty.



My scale still fluctuates after I put weight on it.

Be sure to keep the scale on an evenly level surface upon weighing. There are also times where other electronics can interfere with the performance of your scale; be sure to keep about 3 feet in distance! If the problem continues, you may have a defective load cell. This scale is under a 1 year warranty coverage from date of purchase.






Valid for Alimento NSF Listed Digital Scale.  Model #: 136KP

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