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My scale is fluctuating with no weight on it.

Make sure you are using the correct power adapter for your M-Series scale. The power adapter for the M-Series is more slim than our normal 9 volt ones.

Also be sure to set your scale on a flat and sturdy surface

 to prevent any movement. If your scale continues to have this issue, you can have it inspected or replaced under the limited 1 year warranty.



When I power on my scale, it displays Out2.

This means your load cell is in need of re-calibration. If you plan on calibrating on your own, follow the procedures below. If you are not capable of re-calibrating the scale, you can have it serviced through with your limited 1 year warranty coverage.


M-Series Calibration Procedures
1. Remove all items from the tray top.
2. Turn the scale on and wait for the regular start-up to finish.
3. Press and release the “Tare” key.
4. Press and hold the “Mode” key until “CAL” appears on the display.
5. Press “Mode” again, “CAL” will flash and then display the first required recalibration
6. Gently place the desired calibration weight on the center of the weighing tray.
7. Press and release the “on/off” key
8. Gently place the second desired calibration weight on the center of the weighing tray.
(Model M3315, skip steps 8-9)
9. Press and release the “on/off” key.
10. The display will show “Pass”; this indicates that the calibration was successful.
11. Remove the weights and turn the scale off at the switch. Restart the scale to proceed with
normal activity.
12. If “Fail” appears on the display instead of “Pass”, a calibration error has occurred and the
scale will turn off. Try repeating the calibration process. If repeating fails, your scale
requires servicing by an Escali service technician.

Visit for warranty service information.

*Required Calibration Weights
Model #          First Weight          Second Weight

M63                     1.5 Kg                          3 Kg

M136                     3 Kg                           6 Kg

M3315                  15 Kg                             -

M6630                  15 Kg                         30 Kg








Valid for M-Series NSF Multifunctional Scales.  Model #: M6630, M3315, M136

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