Quick Start Guide (L-Series)

L-Series High Precision Scales

  1. Remove the scale from the styrofoam packaging and insert (4) AA batteries into the battery compartment.
  2. Place the weighing platform onto the scale and turn clockwise to lock-in. To remove the platform, turn it counter-clockwise to unlock and remove by pulling up gently.
  3. Set the scale on a flat, hard, and even surface to ensure proper measurements. The legs of the scale can be adjusted so that it is balanced. Note: There is a bubble level embedded into the unit at the top right corner.
  4. Power on your scale and select your desired unit of measurement by pressing the "MODE/CAL" button.
  5. Place the item onto the scale's tray to start measuring weight.

















Valid for L-Series High Precision Scales.  Model #: L600 (square platform), L125 (round platform)

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