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There is a constant beep after I power on my scale.

The beep typically means that you are overloading your load cell by putting on more weight than the scale can handle. In this case after turning on your scale, this means your load cell is damaged and your unit will need to be replaced. The L-series digital scale is covered under a 1 year warranty from date of purchase.



I only see parts of my numbers displayed.

Try powering your scale on and off a couple times to see if it is a minor glitch. If you have no luck with that, remove your batteries from the compartment for about 30 seconds, and then insert them back in to give the scale a proper reset. If you are still having these issues, your scales display may be defective and needs to be inspected or replaced. Your L-Series digital scale is covered under a limited 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.














Valid for L-Series High Precision Scales.  Model #: L600 (square platform), L125 (round platform)

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