Solutions for Error Message: E1

Error message "E1" indicates the SmartConnect Body Scale is having troubles communicating with the Escali SmartConnect app or your mobile device.

The main causes for this are:

  1. Interference from other electronic devices in the room.
  2. The app and Bluetooth® on your mobile device are not in OPEN condition.  (Bluetooth is not activated on your mobile device.)
  3. During pairing the mobile device and app are out of range.
  4. There is trouble with the Bluetooth® module of the user's mobile device.


  1. Deactivate Bluetooth on all other devices within 40 feet of the SmartConnect Body Scale.
  2. On your mobile device, turn on Bluetooth functionality and make sure it is discoverable.
  3. When attempting to pair the mobile device should be within 30 feet of the SmartConnect Body Scale.  The closer, the better.  =)
  4. Check to ensure the Bluetooth module on your mobile device is functioning properly.


 Valid for SmartConnect Body Scale, Model #: SC200BS

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