Send weight measurements saved to the SmartConnect Body Scale to the mobile app (SC200BS)

If the SmartConnect Body Scale is not paired to the Escali SmartConnect app at the time body weight is measured the scale will save the measurement in it's memory to send to the mobile app in the future.

How to send saved weight measurements from the SmartConnect Body Scale to the mobile app:

  1. Bring your mobile device with the Escali SmartConnect mobile app installed near the SmartConnect Body Scale (a maximum distance of 30 feet.)
  2. In the mobile app, navigate to the HEALTH screen and press "WEIGH IN".  "Connect to Scale" should be blue.
  3. Step on the SmartConnect Body Scale or press the button on the underside of the scale to turn it on.
  4. Once the scale turns on it will send ALL saved weight measurements to the user profile on the mobile device.

If no weight measurements were transferred the scale is likely not paired to your mobile device.  Pair your mobile device to the scale, and try again. (Pairing instructions for the SmartConnect Body Scale) If there is still no transfer of measurements then there were none saved on the scale.


Valid for SmartConnect Body Scale, Model #: SC200BS

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