Troubleshooting & FAQ (DR4)

How to set up your clock
Press the Timer/Clock button to toggle to clock mode.

While on clock mode, press and hold down the Timer/Clock button until you see numbers flashing.

You can now use the "+/min" and "-/sec" buttons to count up or down to adjust your clock.
(press and hold either button to quickly skim through numbers)

Press the Timer/Clock button to confirm.

"12 Hr" will now be displayed. You can now select a 12 hr time format or 24 hr time format by pressing the "+/min" or "-/sec" buttons.

Press the Timer/Clock button to confirm and complete the clock set up.

Memory function
The 'start/stop' button after the alarm is set off, will recall your recent timer setting.

The timer does not power on
If the unit is brand new, please check the battery for any plastic wrapping, and remove. If you have had the unit for a good period of time, try replacing the battery. If the issue persists, please contact Escali about the product 2 year warranty.

Battery type
The unit uses three AAA batteries.

How remove the battery cover
The battery cover and magnetic mount are all one piece. Slide down in the direction of the arrow to remove the whole piece. [see image link]

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