Troubleshooting & FAQ (DH2)

My thermometer does not power off
This particular model does not have an option to power off. The thermometer stays on stand-by mode to reserve battery power. The switch located on the left side of the display unit is commonly mistaken for a power switch; this is merely an option to turn your temperature alert on or off.

Cooking temp is displaying "Lo"
When your cooking temp displays "Lo", this either means the probe is unplugged, or the probe is not plugged in all the way. If the cooking temp is still displaying "Lo" while the probe is plugged in, try to unplug and plug back into the jack.

How far to stick the probe into the meat
The most sensitive spot of the probe is about 3/4" of the tip, where you will receive a more accurate and faster reading. While measuring, imagine the tip to be as close to the center of the meat as possible. If the meat has a bone, measure to the center in between the skin and bone, since the bone will tend to get hot.

Battery type
This unit uses one AAA battery.

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    Aaron lamb

    Why would it not have “power off” option.. it just stays on sitting in a drawer till you need it then the battery dies as your using it???? Literally the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen!! Real genius’s designing these huh? Lol!!

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