Quick Start Guide (DHR1 / DHR2)

  1. Peel screen protector from the display.
  2. Remove plastic wrapping from the batteries.
  3. Insert batteries into the compartment and ensure they are seated properly. Close battery compartment.
  4. Use the on/off switch to toggle the unit "on".
  5. Select whether you want to use "cook" mode or "timer" mode by toggling with the switch.
  6. Upon start up, by default, Celsius will be displayed as the scale of temperature. To switch to Fahrenheit, press and hold the 'S/T' key until a beep.
  7. Plug the probe into the display unit.
  8. Select the type of meat you are cooking by pressing the 'M/M' key.
  9. If available, select the doneness of the meat by pressing the 'S/T' key.
  10. To set an alert temperature, press and hold the 'S/S' key until alert temp is flashing.
  11. Set the alert temp by using 'M/M' key to raise the temp or 'S/T' key to decrease the temp. Press S/S key to confirm.
  12. To toggle the alert temp on or off, simply press the 'S/S' key. (The word "ALERT" located above the alert temp will appear if the alarm is enabled)
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