Troubleshooting & FAQ (DR5)

How to set up the clock
Before setting up the clock, be sure to have clock mode displayed. You can toggle from multi-timer to clock mode by pressing the 'clock/timer' button.

  1. Press and hold the 'clock/timer' button down until the clock flashes.
  2. Use the 'HR', 'MIN', and 'SEC' buttons to adjust the time.
  3. Press the 'clock/timer' button to confirm.

How to set each timer individually

  1. Press and hold down the desired timer slot (T1, T2, or T3) until numbers are flashing.
  2. Use the 'HR', 'MIN', and 'SEC' buttons to adjust the count down time.
  3. Press the button designated to the slot to confirm.

Locating the kick stand
The kick stand is located on the back of the timer. Simply place the tip of your finger into the groove to pull the stand up. [see image link]

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