Troubleshoot & FAQ

Unit will not power on
If the unit is brand new, please check the batteries for any plastic wrapping, and remove. If you have had the unit for a good period of time, try replacing the battery. If the issue persists, please contact Escali about the product 2 year warranty.

How to switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit
Press and hold the 'S/T' key until the thermometer beeps to confirm the change.

How far to stick the probe into the meat
The most sensitive spot of the probe is about 3/4" of the tip, where you will receive a more accurate and faster reading. While measuring, imagine the tip to be as close to the center of the meat as possible. If the meat has a bone, measure to the center in between the skin and bone, since the bone will tend to get hot.

How to set the alert temp

  1. Press and hold the 'S/S' key until alert temp flashes.
  2. Use the 'M/M' and 'S/T' keys to increase or decrease alert temp setting.
  3. Press 'S/S' to confirm.
  4. Toggle the alert temp on or off by pressing the 'S/S' key.
  5. The word "ALERT" will appear above alert temp if the alarm is enabled.
  6. Press 'S/S' key again to disable alarm.

Locating the kick stand
The kick stand and battery cover are all one piece. Simply place the tip of your finger into the groove to pull the stand up. [see image link]

Battery type

This unit uses two AAA batteries.


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