Troubleshooting & FAQ (DHRW1 / DHRW2)

My thermometer is not powering on

  • If the unit is brand new, please remove and check the batteries from the display unit, and probe transmitter for any plastic battery wrapping. Also check to see if the batteries are placed in the correct position inside the battery compartment. If the issue persists, please contact Escali about the product 2 year warranty.

    Current temp displays three dashes
    This indicates that the display unit and probe transmitter are not connected to each other.
  1. Power both the display unit and probe transmitter off, and wait for a few seconds.
  2. Power on the display unit.
  3. Power on the probe transmitter.
  4. Once the display unit connects to the transmitter, a near room temperature reading will appear under "current temp" (this indicates the two devices paired together successfully).

While the display is on Hamburger, the "TASTE" button does not work

  • Unfortunately, this thermometer will only provide readings for a "well" done burger.


Battery type

  • The display unit requires two AAA batteries, and the probe transmitter requires two AAA batteries (total of four AAA batteries).


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