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Only weight is being displayed without body composition results

Ensure you are using the scale with bare-feet for optimal results. Socks, and shoes will cause contact issues.

During initial setup of a profile, the scale will need to lock a user in, to recognize the user to successfully start the body composition analysis.

Please attempt to go through the profile set up WITHOUT interruptions such as the scale reverting back to "0.0 lb", or powering off while in the middle of the profile edit mode set up.

For example:
While the scale is powered off, press set (which will take you into the profile edit mode).

1. You will see P1 flashing; QUICKLY press set to confirm.

2. Gender figure will flash; QUICKLY press set to confirm.

3. Height values will flash; QUICKLY press set to confirm.

4. At last, AGE will flash; QUICKLY press set to confirm.

When pressing set to confirm AGE, the scale will display "0.0 lb" afterwards; IMMEDIATELY step onto the scale BEFORE IT POWERS OFF, otherwise the body composition feature will not engage, which will only result in "weight only mode".

Begin to stay standing on the scale after the weight value flashes, which will follow with an "o" moving across the display indicating the scale is measuring for body composition results.

NOTE: You will not have to complete this process again once successfully executed for each user (unless battery replacements were recently done).

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