Quick Start Guide (BF180)

BF180 Glass Body Analyzing Bathroom Scale

  1. Remove the plastic insulation strip from the battery compartment. Ensure the batteries are properly seated within the +/- terminals.
  2. Press the UNIT button on the base of the scale to select your desired unit of measure; pounds (lb), kilograms (kg), or stones (st).
  3. To set up a new user profile (or edit an existing profile) press SET and use the UP or DOWN arrows to select a profile number. Press SET to confirm.
  4. Select your gender using the UP or DOWN arrows. (Activate Athlete Mode by selecting your gender with the accompanied running figure). Press SET to confirm.
  5. Select your height using the UP or DOWN arrows and press SET to confirm.
  6. Select your age using the UP or DOWN arrows and press SET to confirm.
  7. When the display shows zero weight, step on the scale with clean and dry bare feet before it powers off. The scale will measure your weight and then calculate your body composition.

NOTE: This body scale can save up to 8 unique user profiles. To program additional profiles, follow steps 3 through 7.



Valid for Body Analyzing Bathroom Scale, Model #BF180

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