Troubleshooting & FAQ (BFBW180)

Scale setup tutorial

Screwdriver size to remove battery door screws

Use a #1 phillips, or 2.0mm flat head precision screwdriver to remove both screws from each corner. After the screws are removed, the battery door can now safely be removed.mceclip0.png



Scale will not calculate body composition
This will occur when the foot sensors cannot make electrical contact with your feet. Be sure to use the scale barefoot. Try moistening your feet for better electrical contact with the foot sensors.



Button/key location
The buttons/keys for the "enter" (90 degree left arrow) and "left/right" arrows are located on the top side of the scale. They appear as indented ovals; finger tap to use.

Note: Do not tap and hold down buttons. After each finger tap, back your finger away approximately 1 to 1.5 inches to avoid unintentional "double-tapping".



Changing unit of measurement
Located on the base of the scale is a UNIT button you can press to change the unit of measurements to either LB, KG, or ST LB (stones).



"- - - -" appearing on display
When four dashes appear on display, this indicates an overload. Immediately remove all weight from the scale. If you feel this is an error, try removing the batteries from the scale for approximately 90 seconds, and then re-install.



Required battery model:
Two CR2032 batteries (DL2032 if Duracell branded)



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