Troubleshooting & FAQ - Arti XL (2210IB)

Scale is not powering on
Try replacing the old batteries with a fresh pair of CR2032 batteries. If your scale is new, ensure that the plastic insulation tab is removed from under the batteries. If the issue persists, please contact us for further assistance.



Touch controls do not register
Make sure the scale surface is clean, and residue free. Always keep the scale at room temperature for the best performance. You could also try rubbing your fingertips together, and press onto the buttons to see if they register.


Does not register at a low weight

With the scale utilizing a high-capacity load cell of up to 22 lbs, the minimum weight sensitivity it will register is 5 grams. Generally, higher weight capacity scales on the market will sacrifice weight sensitivity.





Valid for Arti XL Glass Kitchen Scale, Model #: 2210IB

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