Troubleshooting & FAQ (USHM180G-2)

Scale setup tutorial



Scale body composition display order
W = Weight difference to your goal
BMI = Body mass index
FAT = Body fat 
TBW = Total body water
MUS = Muscle mass
BONE = Bone mass
BMR/KCal = Suggested caloric intake based on body weight




Body Mass Index Ranges
Underweight = Below 18.5
Normal = 18.5 - 24.9
Overweight = 25.0 - 29.9
Obese = 30.0 and above





User profile auto-detection
The scale will automatically select your user profile to calculate your body composition by comparing your current body weight measurement to previous body weight measurements from each user profile. If your current body weight changes by more than 4.5 pounds from your previous measurement, or if your body weight is within 4.5 pounds of another user profile, the scale may recall two different profiles on display in the form of "P1P2". Use the "UP" arrow key to select the profile on the left side; "DOWN" arrow key to select the profile on the right side of the display. After selecting a profile, your body composition will be displayed.



Required batteries to operate:

Two CR2032 (DL2032 if Duracell branded).




Valid for USHM180G-2 Goal Tracking Body Composition Scale. Model #: USHM180G-2

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