Quick Start Guide & Video (USHM180G-2)


  1. Pull the plastic insulation strip from the battery compartment. The end of the plastic insulation strip will appear to be sticking out from the battery door.

  2. Press the "UNIT" button located on the base of the scale to change your weight mode read-out.

  3. If the scale is on, press and hold the "SET" button until you see a user number flashing on the bottom left corner of the display. Quickly press "SET" since the scale will revert to "0.0" after a couple flashes. 

  4. ""CLr" will appear on the display with a flashing "n"; press "SET" to continue, or use the up and down arrow keys to select "Y" to reset your profile to factory default; press "SET" to continue.

  5. The gender icon will flash above your user number; use the up or down arrow keys to select your gender. An accompanied running man icon indicates "athlete mode" (without running man icon is "normal mode"). Press "SET" to continue.

  6. Height values will start flashing; adjust the height by using the up or down arrow keys. Press "SET" to continue.

  7. The age value will start flashing; adjust the age by using the up or down arrow keys. Press "SET" to continue.

  8. A target weight value will start flashing; use the up or down arrow keys to adjust your target weight value. Press "SET" to confirm.

  9. "0.0" will appear on display; place the scale on a hard (non-carpet) surface, and wait for it to zero out again. Once "0.0" is showing again, step up onto the scale barefooted.

  10. The scale will register your weight, and a moving "o" will skim to the right side of the display (analyzing your body).

  11. After the analyzing process, you may step off to view/note your body composition results in the following order:
     - Two triangles with the letter "W" = The weight amount left to reach your "target" weight.
     - FAT = Body fat %
     - TBW = Total body water %
     - MUS = Muscle mass %
     - Bone = Bone density
     - BMR KCal = Basal Metabolic Rate
     - BMI = Body mass index
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