Quick Start Guide - Stela (SLR157)

  1. Leave the scale out in artificial or natural lighting to begin battery charging for a couple of minutes. While charging in the light you will see a flashing "sun" icon. The "sun" icon will stop flashing after a few minutes.

    Note: For a faster battery charge, use the included USB charge cord to plug into a 5-watt/5-volt power supply (your mobile device's power supply); which is not included. The battery icon will start flashing in the upper left corner once the charge cord is plugged into the scale, and into an outlet using a power supply. Allow 2 hours for a complete charge (the battery icon will not stop flashing even at a full charge).

  2. Power the scale on by pressing the power key (upside down Q icon).

  3. Press the UNIT key to change the read-out mode.

  4. Place an item on the scale to start weighing.

    Note: Use the HOLD feature if you have an oversized item that covers the LCD.
    1. Before placing an item on the scale, press the HOLD key; the word "HOLD" will appear at the top of the LCD.

    2. Place your item on the scale until you hear two beeps. You can now remove the item from the scale, and the weight value will be held on the LCD for approximately 10 seconds.
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