Quick Start Guide - Telero (T136)




1. Place the included 3 x AAA batteries into the battery compartment and ensure that the +/- terminals are oriented correctly as shown in the battery compartment.

2. Remove the two protective spaces located between the platform and the main body of the scale before use. These spacers protect the scale from damage during shipping.

3. Place the scale on a solid and flat surface.

4. Turn the scale on by pressing the Power/Tare button located to the right of the display.

5. The unit of measure is preset to grams (g). This can be changed to pounds (lb), pounds/ounces (lb oz), ounces (oz), or milliliters (ml) by pressing the Unit button located to the left of the display.

6. Slowly place an item on the scale platform and the weight will be shown on the display.

7. Remove the item and place the next item to be weighed on the platform. When done weighing, press the Power/Tare button to turn the unit off.

Note: If any weight is shown on the display, the Power/Tare button will have to be pressed twice to turn the unit off. The first press clears the weight shown on the screen and the second press will turn the unit off.

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