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Escali Product Support May 11, 2015 Bath Scales / BF180 Body Analyzing Bathroom Scale

The scale will not display my body fat, body water, muscle mass results, it only displays my weight, then powers off.

When this happens, you will need to register/save your initial weight in a "user profile" for the scale to identify you. (example: P1 - P8).  

  1. First you will need to choose the dedicated user number of your choice, and select the gender, height, and age.
  2. "0.0" will appear right after you enter your data. IMMEDIATELY step onto the scale with bare, and dry feet to capture your weight before the scale powers off, otherwise the profile you have just entered will reset, and will not store your entry into memory, thus giving you body weight ONLY.
  3. After capturing your weight, the scale will begin to scan for your results (the moving "O's").
  4. When you have been successfully analyzed, all your results will be displayed, cycling through a couple of times.




I see two user profiles on my display after being weighed. (Example: "P1 P3")

This happens when two people have similar weight, you would simply select your profile number with the up or down arrows which is below the profile numbers you see on display. If you accidentally used more than one profile number causing the similar profile to appear, you can simply change the information in edit mode by changing gender, height, or age to prevent the similar profile from appearing. 




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